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Ivana Mar 11, 2023 833 views

What jobs are there with a degree in accounting besides an accountant?

Hello, I am a senior in high school. After college I plan on becoming a public accountant but I will still like to learn about other options because just because you have a degree in accounting doesn't mean you have to be a public/private accountant, auditor, tax person, etc. I will either...

Armine’s Avatar
Armine Apr 28, 2023 914 views

When is CPA mandatory?

Do I have to get a CPA certificate to work as an accountant? Are ACCA and CPA certificates interchangeable?

Tyriq’s Avatar
Tyriq May 09, 2023 737 views

Discuss the pros and cons of being an Accountant?

Tyriq, age 19

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Tahjey May 20, 2022 1718 views

is it better to make your college classes in the morning or afternoon

is it better to make your college classes in the morning or afternoon

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Oct 05, 2021 955 views

what is the best job in the business major? what are some internship for business/accounting majors?

#business #accounting #college-major #internship

Gianna’s Avatar
Gianna Feb 03, 2022 1009 views

What is the life of an accountant like?

#accounting #accountant #business

Zongyin’s Avatar
Zongyin Mar 25, 2022 1126 views

is accounting a hard major?

and what's the salary like in accounting