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Stephanie Oct 21, 2021 2242 views

Do employers care about what school you go to?

Would I be considered a failure/ not qualified if I didn’t go to the top schools?

#college #career #job #college-selection

Amber’s Avatar
Amber May 13, 2016 1511 views

Which is the best way to cope with feeling "stuck" in the career/job that you are in?

I am asking this question because I have the constant thought of possibly being contained with a low-paying job and clinging to the finances of my parents for the rest of my life, which I desperately want to avoid, as does every soon-to-be adult. Some family members say that they are not happy...

Emmanuel’s Avatar
Emmanuel Jun 14, 2021 666 views

How can I better myself so later on in the future me and my children can be set for life?

I like working on my future self, very open-minded, and helping others. #Software Engineer #Financial Analyst

Phoenix’s Avatar
Phoenix Jul 22, 2022 793 views

College .VS. Trade school what are the risks and the rewards for each?

Is it worth spending more money to go to college when I could go to trade school and spend less to get the same certification at a trade school?