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Kim Tsakalos

Director of Program Management
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Sandwich, Massachusetts
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Seth Oct 04, 2022 514 views

I was wondering what classes I should take when go to college to become a information technology guy

My name is Seth I was wondering what classes should I take when I go to college to become a information technology guy and what steps should I take. I already know how to build a computer what else should I work on in my free time to improve the steps to reach my goal.

Jeanne’s Avatar
Jeanne Oct 02, 2022 543 views

When is the best time to start school, I took a gap year since pandemic and I haven't started yet. I have zero idea what to do.

I am a STEM graduate and I took a gap year since 2021. I want to go to an art school but there is no one nearby. I have no job and I want to further my learning but I am stuck.

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Oct 03, 2022 565 views

What is the first step to finding a suitable career for me?

I am a senior in high school.

safa’s Avatar
safa Sep 23, 2022 742 views

volunteer hours needed!!

I’m trying to find virtual volunteer opportunities in Ontario, Canada. I can’t find anything though. Does anyone know of anything?


angello’s Avatar
angello Sep 26, 2022 253 views

trying to find a career?

if I don't know what career I want to do how should I find what I want to do in the future?