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CareerVillage Office Hours Dec 20, 2022 234 views

How do you prepare for leaving for college and what are some pitfalls to avoid in college?

This is part of the professionals series

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Lisa Jan 02 428 views

How can one build a close network?

How can you build a close relationship with someone, and come across as more responsible, memorable, and outgoing? How to meet new people and start a conversation? What do friends normally talk about on a daily basis, in contrast to a coworker? How do you make friendships that will last?...

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Anna Dec 09, 2022 187 views

Why did you choose the profession you are in right now?

A student looking for a guide as to what to pursue as a career path.

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Kevin Dec 07, 2022 551 views

What are your goals in life? And how are going to achieve that?

Be yourself and be kind

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Sarah Dec 08, 2022 169 views

Deciding on a career

How do I decide which career to start with if I have multiple interests?