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San Francisco, California
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I would like to learn anything that's based on art or the earth.


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Jose May 08 105 views

What common colleges that would be related to art?

This would help me decide on what colleges that I could attend to or at least have an idea.

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Jose May 08 135 views

What are the common things that geologists do?

I would like to understand in a more deeper term on what they do.

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Jose May 08 77 views

How many years do I have to take to become a geologist?

Im curious to see how many years I have to stay in order to achieve this goal.

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Jose Mar 15 158 views

What kind of jobs are there that involves with art/drawing?

I am generally curious on what jobs there are that includes anything art related.

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Jose Mar 13 142 views

What job position are there that are based on geology?

I would like to know what jobs are there that are based on geology.

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Jose Mar 13 193 views

What types of drawing designs are recommended to learn?

Since I am still learning, I would like to focus on what type of drawing style I should learn before deciding on what career I would like to choose.