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Lopatcong, NJ
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Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela Mar 13, 2023 323 views

In general, how many years of studying / college would I have to complete before I become a teacher?

I'm planning to go straight into college right after high school.

Mckenzie’s Avatar
Mckenzie Mar 14, 2023 4123 views

Is community college bad to have for nursing degree?

I would like to know if CC is bad to go to for nursing or if a 4 year is where I should be.

Rosselin’s Avatar
Rosselin Mar 13, 2023 390 views

Is becoming a baker or someone who deals with small cakes a fun job?

I've been really interested in decorating cakes and I want to know if it's fun.

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Mar 13, 2023 1592 views

Do you enjoy working?

I know people say to do what you love, but it can be hard. How do you balance work and play?