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Kayleigh May 11, 2023 343 views

How do I not get nervous for a job interview?

What steps should I take or what tricks are there?

Noah’s Avatar
Noah May 21, 2023 175 views

How does an employee make a good relationship/friendship with the boss?

How can you get on your boss's good side. Is there really anything you can do with that?

Christian’s Avatar
Christian May 22, 2023 271 views

What are some ways to help narrow down what I would like to study in graduate school?

I am currently a senior that is about to graduate from undergrad and take a gap year.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella May 24, 2023 312 views

What would be the best job for someone who wants to travel while working?

Would marine biology or writing best fit a person who wants to travel? How would your job be able to pay travel expenses?