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Joe-Drick van Wyk

Producer/ Composer/ Engineer
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
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Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Jun 01, 2023 417 views

What I need to do to become a great guitar player?

Music has been a big hobby through my life and I would like to improve my ability to play more classical pieces, rock n' roll, and others like it. i have been playing for a while and I would like to play more intense, complex music. This is a goal to improve my own talents and abilities.

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Apr 19, 2023 291 views

Where did y'all learn music production?

I need some tips because I'm stuck on my music production.

Carleigh’s Avatar
Carleigh May 27, 2023 349 views

Where do I start in order to obtain a career in the music industry?

How do I obtain a career in the music industry? I am a young independent musician. I don’t even know the first step of “getting in the door,” and I need some help. I’m not a nepo baby, I’m not rich, and I have no “connections” in the industry. I have talent, but I feel like that isn’t enough.