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Meghan M.’s Avatar
Meghan M. Mar 03 54 views

Most asked questions during interview

Hard worker, cooperative, always willing to learn more and I'm a fast learner, always put in extra, very devoted....


Joyce C.’s Avatar
Joyce C. Feb 22 40 views

What career path suits me best... Because I'm confused about a social worker and taking the business route

I'm a 17 year old grade 11 learner.... I am originally from Malawi,but I've been living in South Africa for almost 10 years now.... Since I'm a foreigner l find it hard to choose a career path because l feel like l won't get excepted because of that...


Allan S.’s Avatar
Allan S. Feb 15 65 views

What career can I do if I take these subjects

I like history and sports and art...


chadrack B.’s Avatar
chadrack B. May 16, 2020 236 views

When can start volunteering?

I am very great person believing that everything is possible if you put on mind into, i feel good when i help somebody and bring joy to people face...


Asive T.’s Avatar
Asive T. Feb 03 55 views

How to become a chef?

I like hanging out with friend go ma #entertainment #media ll something like that. Watch actions movies, reading and I don't have much hobbies I just like cooking do social media challenges like # #media #entertainment #chef #cooking I want more information about becoming a...

Asive T.’s Avatar
Asive T. Feb 03 44 views

Information about chefs

I like hanging out with friend go mall something like that. I don't much hobbies but like to do most, cook, jog, reading story's, watch activities or whatever and do tiktok challenge like #stay at home...

Salom 6.’s Avatar
Salom 6. Dec 15, 2020 65 views

Can I go to college at grade 10

I want to be a doctor...


kganya M.’s Avatar
kganya M. Nov 08, 2019 152 views
Marcell V.’s Avatar
Marcell V. Mar 03, 2020 167 views

I'm from South Africa. What do I need to get in order to work overseas as a commis chef?

I am a commis/trainee chef. I have less than 1 year's experience. I am a sporty guy . I spend most my time in the kitchen trying new things. When I'm not in the kitchen I surf or relax at the beach. I like new ventures. I have a roll-up-my-sleeves attitude. I enjoy spicy service times. I am...

#travel #chef #culinary #career #iamthesecretingredient

Abongile M.’s Avatar
Abongile M. Nov 11, 2019 187 views

Can you tell me about the journey of becoming a pilot

I am a goal getter,talketive ,energetic ,focused ,l love challenges #pilot...


busisiswe M.’s Avatar
busisiswe M. Nov 25, 2019 147 views

what are the jobs that will require illustrator, indesign and photoshop

I #career m a single parent who have been studying digital arts for a living in order to raise my...

Kristi K.’s Avatar
Kristi K. Oct 12, 2017 324 views

Where are the best places to look for post grad bursaries?

I live in South Africa and am about to graduate with a Bachelor of Design. I want to study a Masters in Service Design abroad because there are no universities in South Africa that offer this. I am desperate to study further but my family just does not have the means to support me for another...

#international #fundingopportunities #postgrad #bursaries #studyabroad #funding #experiencedesign #servicedesign #masters

Thaaki S.’s Avatar
Thaaki S. Nov 27, 2017 586 views

Is it possible to branch off into speech and hearing therapy from psychology?

I am considering studying psychology, but is it possible to branch off into forensic psychology or speech and hearing therapy, with a psychology degree and experience as a clinical psychologist? #psychology #therapy #counseling #mental-health #mental-health-care #physical-therapy #therapists...

#counseling-psychology #forensic #forensic-psychology

zimkhitha S.’s Avatar
zimkhitha S. Nov 04, 2017 487 views

how many years does a lawyer study ?

I want to know about the career choice I will choose in University #lawyer...


Kholosa O.’s Avatar
Kholosa O. Nov 15, 2016 595 views

What skill sets are imperative for me to have if I want to become a corporate lawyer?

I am interested in becoming a Lawyer. I would like to know what being a Lawyer entails. I would like to know which High School Subjects I should do to prepare me for University. Also, is there vacation work that I could do while I am in High School, so that I can learn more about this field,...


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