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Sacramento, California
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Bleu Jul 18, 2023 298 views

What are some things to start doing during summer in order to prepare for the upcoming school year? How do stay motivated and consistent throughout the school year? How do I make a comfortable environment for myself?

Currently homeschooled. I'm am ways losing interest in my classes, and end up completing them just to get it done and out of the way.

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Bleu Jul 17, 2023 239 views

What advice may you have for a high school senior juggling school and babysitting? How do I maintain focus throughout school, and not let babysitting stress me out?

Looking for personal/professional/relative advice. Currently babysitting six children without aid.

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Bleu Jul 17, 2023 345 views

What are some things I should start doing as a high school senior in order to get prepared for college?

Interested in veterinarian technology and/or healthcare services.