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Alanda Davis

Interior Designer & Apparel Designer
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Phoenix, Arizona
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Liz Aug 02, 2023 334 views

Teaching/college question

How many years of college do you need to become a teacher?

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jul 28, 2023 273 views

How can you take many Ideas, when im only a sophmore with no job and barley any money? How can I be a buisnessowner of a fashion industry with no ideas or references to work with?

- 10th Grade Sophmore, from a small private school

- Im very intrested in Brain Physcology, my hobbies are writing and drawing

Clare’s Avatar
Clare Aug 01, 2023 2083 views

How do I get into the interior design field with no current experience?

I am a recent graduate with a fine arts degree. I mainly studied photography and I have an eye for color. All my years I have been passionate about space, capturing space in my art and decorating my own spaces. While in college I worked many retail jobs and have 6 years of apparel retail...

Oak’s Avatar
Oak Jul 04, 2023 420 views

Career paths for artist/interior design?

What should I do as a career if I'm interested in art and interior design?

Kylah’s Avatar
Kylah Jul 01, 2023 479 views

How would you approach a client or customer who knows that they want something but they are also not sure what they exactly want?

Thank you so much if you have an answer!

Niya’s Avatar
Niya Jul 15, 2023 454 views

How to start fashion without having a lot of clothes or material to make or buy clothes?

How do you start learning about fashion at a young age? I don’t have any fabrics or clothes to actually make outfits and I don’t have a lot of money either.