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Dario Aug 08, 2023 1108 views

Why is the life expectancy for welders so low?

I just don't know why there isn't more safety for the respiratory system when it comes to welding, I know it's easier said than done but there should be mask requirements to help welders live a longer life. I understand that it will have higher costs but it lets people live longer instead of...

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Dario Aug 08, 2023 394 views

How does a full day's work as a welder look throughout the year and how does that determine their salary ?

I'm curious about a full day of work for a welder. I understand that it's a long time but is it one job a day or one job for multiple days? Do you have to travel a lot to different jobs or is it in one place?

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Dario Aug 08, 2023 376 views

What kind of tools does each type of welder use depending on the environment?

Just want to know what kind of tools welders use, does it determine what job they do? Does it determine the environment they are working in? I am just trying to know.