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Shaun’s Avatar
Shaun Dec 10, 2023 1125 views

What is your guy’s opinion of me pursuing a career in welding?

I have plenty of experience with mig and decent experience with arc. I have only tig welded once though. I am already at the stage of welding up chassis and frames for my own mini bikes and go carts. I do a lot of metal work and metal fabrication.

Tallon’s Avatar
Tallon Oct 18, 2023 480 views

is it hard to be a welder ?

i am in 8th grade and looking to be a welder when i grow up do you have any tips or tricks for me any will be appreciated greatly

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Nov 20, 2023 672 views

How did you start your welding career?

I would like to know how you started off in this line of work, What did you have to go through you to get where you currently are, Was it hard for you to keep advancing.

Enrique’s Avatar
Enrique Nov 20, 2023 373 views

What does your usual day consist of?

What does a welders day to day look like, How much time do you usually spend on one project?

asher’s Avatar
asher Dec 19, 2023 474 views

Whats most challenging ?

what would be the most challenging obstacle you faced trying to become a welder and what you have to do in order to become a welder, and how difficult it really is.

CJ’s Avatar
CJ Aug 10, 2023 573 views

How much dose the welding equipment cost out the gate and what should my first steps be into that trade?

I am just curious and need to advise on what to do after I am done at trade school.

Amelia’s Avatar
Amelia Aug 22, 2023 472 views

How hard will things get?

How hard can college get? What will things be like? Classes, dynamics?