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Alfredo Cortez Valle

Technical Specialist for Apple Inc.
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Los Angeles, California
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Danica’s Avatar
Danica May 26, 2016 1075 views

Am I pursuing the right Degree?

I am currently in my second year working towards a Bachelors in Business with an emphasis in Operations management. My end goal is to run a non-profit hospital that will serve rural areas. Initially I was working towards a Bachelors in Health Care Administration, yet people I spoke to in that...

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine May 06, 2016 1906 views

What do you do in Business Administration?

I am wondering about this specific topic because I want to major in Business but don't know in what area to major in. This is one of the two areas I am considering in majoring in but don't really know what you do with a major like this one. Basically, what I'm asking is what kind of job will...

Francisco’s Avatar
Francisco May 16, 2016 1239 views

Best major to study in Business

Unsure what to study in business #business #undecided

David’s Avatar
David Sep 08, 2016 1221 views

Army guy looking for educational help, career wise.

Hey guys, I've lurked on this site for all of 3 hours before realizing actual professionals respond on here, which is what I'm looking for. Anyways, I'm David. I've been in the Army since I was 17(got parents consent/signature). I'm 21 now and currently serving in the National Guard. I have...