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Naila H. Carter, CMA

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Bothell, Washington
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Jordin’s Avatar
Jordin Oct 13, 2023 1388 views

how do I start my baking business ? and how do i get customers ?

help me with this please

Ty’s Avatar
Ty Oct 17, 2023 550 views

How do I invest or why should i?

What should I invest in or how do I do it cause I’m not looking to invest right now I would just like to know how to just in case I wanted to in the future.

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Oct 18, 2023 575 views

How can I get far in business?

When I get older I want to enter the business industry. Does anyone have any tips about business, or how I can exceed in that field of ineterst.

Kiersten’s Avatar
Kiersten Oct 18, 2023 448 views

How does accounting help us so much?

I was wondering this because I am interested in accounting.