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fatima May 11 262 views

How can you balance two career paths that both require a lot of attention and hard work to achieve ?

As a high school student set on having a successful career as both a surgeon some day , as well as managing a separate business i would like to learn more about time mangement .

Daisy’s Avatar
Daisy May 11 544 views

what are the emerging trends in the business industry ?

I'm 17 years old , after I graduate I would like to consider myself as a successful business person, therefore I want to know more , get experiences from other people stories before I land there.

colby’s Avatar
colby May 03 199 views

what areas would i work best in?

i work best in an environment with hands-on, hard-working, and social environments. what are some jobs that that might be right fit for me?

Serenity’s Avatar
Serenity Apr 19 831 views

What is the work-life balance of an executive?

I'm interested in pursuing Business Management and Administration and Entrepreneurship in college. I was wondering what the work-life balance is like when you are a business executive or a manager. How do you maintain relationships? What are some factors that may affect the work-life balance?...

laura’s Avatar
laura Apr 20 565 views

How can I manage my time in school?

How can I manage my time in school when I still have extra curricular activities waiting for me and side job or gigs I have to hussle out for money again?