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betty Jul 11 352 views

which of these pathway will be good for junior year and getting me into the pre- pharmacy school track?

1. ap pyschology 2. ap biology 3.ap calc 4. english 3 honors 5. spanish 3 6. human body system OR---- IB way.. 1. economics 1. prs/professional skills 2. ap bio 3. ap calc/ math sl 4. english 3 honors 5. spanish 3 6 human body stem which of these will be good on junior year transcript...

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betty Jul 10 231 views

What ap exams are the least study time required?

I want least study time for any ap exam, since im taking 2 hard ap class that required a lot of study time; so i want the 3rd one to be the least amount of time to study?

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betty Jul 09 418 views

Should i join IB with a bad gpa but wants to become a pharmacist ?

Hi! I want to join IBCP but im afraid its going to affect my gpa since i already have a bad gpa, but i really want to become a pharmacist. Should i join stick with AP classes or join the IBCP program?

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betty Jul 09 357 views

Should i join the IBCP with a bad gpa or stick with ap classes?

Hi! So my school offers IBCP and IBDP, and i can join the IBCP not the IBDP, but the problem is my GPA is really low and i don't want to make a mistake especially becoming an incoming junior, so should i join the IBCP or just take AP classes? HELP