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Christian G. May 13, 2016 487 views

Being a current high school senior and going to college next year to study on a pre-medicine track, would you recommend majoring in a broad science such as Biology or Chemistry? How about a more specific major like Microbiology?

I am interested in working in the medical field. I don't have a set career in mind but I am looking at pursuing a career as a Physician or Physician Assistant. I am thinking about majoring in Biology but I was told by a friend of mine that it is better to major in a subject that is specific...

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Taylor B. May 17, 2016 772 views

How hard is Physician's Assistant school?

I am a nursing student going back and forth between becoming a nurse and a physician's assistant. #medicine #nursing #nurse #physician #physician-assistant #assistance...


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Erin S. Oct 25, 2016 458 views

What is the best major for someone wanting to be a physician's assistant?

Also I am a little confused by come of the requirements for the career as I have been told it is vigorous to get into some programs and requires a lot of volunteer hours. #college-major...


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Angelina P. May 12, 2017 948 views

What are the main differences between a Nurse Practitioner and a Physician Assistant?

Hi! I am planning on going to college and becoming a Neonatal nurse, but I am also thinking of furthering my education and becoming either a Nurse Practitioner or a Physician Assistant. What is the difference between the two? Do they both have the same amount of schooling? Do they both do the...

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