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Rob House

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Elijah Oct 31, 2016 964 views

Can someone explain Data Mining?

I've heard about this field of study under computer science called Data mining. I wanted to know exactly what it was and how difficult it is. #computer-software #cyber-security

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Feb 28, 2017 1765 views

How to prepare for Cyber Security as a high school student?

I'm interested in doing Cyber Security in the future but I don't know how to prepare for it. I'm still in high school and I am taking computer programming related courses like CSAP. #computer-science #computer-programming #cyber-security #computer-networking #computer-security

Tatyanna’s Avatar
Tatyanna Oct 26, 2016 3851 views

What are the advantages of majoring in computer science vs. cyber security specifically? Will computer science give me a broader range of knowledge in the computer field?

I am planning to major in computer science or cyber security. #computer-science #information-technology #cyber-security

Ariel’s Avatar
Ariel Oct 19, 2016 1354 views

I want to be a cyber security guru, however; the cost of tuition is extravagant. How did you avoid becoming discouraged?

I have pretty much settled on 3 universities that I am very interested in attending. Each one is more expensive than the other. My parents cannot afford to pay the $200,000 tuition costs. The underpriviledged have federal aid and grants that do not have to be repaid. The wealthy have deep...

Nicholas’s Avatar
Nicholas Oct 30, 2016 1245 views

What are the top colleges for Computer Science and Cyber Security?

In the future, I plan to go to a college for a computer science and cyber security major. I just haven't been able to find the "perfect" college. I thought I would ask for people's opinion who are actually in the field of study. Thank you. #computer-science #computer #computer-security

Eric’s Avatar
Eric Feb 07, 2017 1470 views

What is the best path for a student of information technology or related field that wishes to start a career in Information Security?

I am graduating soon, and want to work in Information Security. What certifications, if any, are required/appropriate? Should I get programming work experience before attempting to move into Information Security? Is there any other advice that you can give that might help me break into the...