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Flagstaff, Arizona
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I want to be a surgeon who specializes in reconstructive surgeries.

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Christi Mar 20, 2018 620 views

What are some fun things to do for graduation?

I was wondering what are some ways to celebrate a graduation. I am graduating in May and this will be my first real graduation because I did not have one for my GED. Should I reserve a restaurant for my family to celebrate after? What else could I do without going way over the top? Thank you!...

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Christi Mar 13, 2018 579 views

How to not give up on college when you are feeling depressed?

I know this might be a bit of a hard question to answer... Lately, I have just been feeling like giving up because I feel like my education is pointless because I won't be able to succeed and get through it. I am about to graduate in May. I am trying to hold on, but I am not doing so well in my...

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Christi Mar 12, 2018 928 views

Clinical vs research experience?

I am applying for MD/PhD programs. Is it more important that I get more research experience after I graduate or clinical experience? #premed #medicine #clinical-research #research

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Christi Mar 12, 2018 2374 views

What is it like to be a histotechnologist?

I am thinking of getting a histotechnologist certificate after I graduate from college this May. I want to do this to do further research. Is it mostly a lab tech job where you run samples? Or do you do more research-based work?
#histotechnologist #histology #career #science

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Christi Feb 26, 2018 628 views

What is the best way to stay motivated for college as a senior?

I am struggling staying motivated in college because I feel terrified of graduation and what to do after I graduate. I am trying my best to practice self-care, but it is still overwhelming.

#senioritis #medicine #college

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Christi Feb 26, 2018 1497 views

How do I begin my personal statements?

I am currently applying for medical school in May. I have to write a personal statement about my research experiences. What is the best way to start this? And how personal do you have to be? What are MD/PhD programs looking for in a personal statement about their research? #medicine #md-phd...