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Crystal Nov 27, 2018 959 views

What would be the best college classes to take to become a writer/editor?

I am a Freshman in High School who has always had a passion for writing. I have taken to writing stories online as posting them on sites such as FanFiction.Net and Quotev.Com. Does anyone have any suggestions or even just advice. #writing #college #author #writer

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 16, 2018 1251 views

What is the best type of volunteer work that colleges look for?

Do colleges look for your volunteer hours? If so what kind do they value most? I have been apart of a math internship where I help Algebra 1 kids with their homework and I am apart of the National Honor Society. Would colleges look at that to consider my eligibility? #math #college...

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha Apr 16, 2018 1216 views

How do I gain and maintain respect and attention as a leader?

I'm currently the Head of Marketing on my school's robotics team, and I get a lot of disrespect from my peers, due to lack of interest in marketing, the fact that I'm smaller and younger than everyone else, that I am one of the five-ish girls on a 40+ person team, and the fact that due to my...

Destiny ’s Avatar
Destiny Feb 08, 2017 962 views

What college do you have to go to to be an actor?

Because I've joined theatre and I've started to grow an interest in acting #professional-development #team-leadership #product-development