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Carmen’s Career Goals

I think I might want to work in the medical/science field as either something like a pharmacist, allergist/immunologist, or veterinarian. I also like the more mathematical-type fields such as engineers and actuaries. I'm planning on going to Oregon State University after graduating High School.

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Carmen May 27, 2018 939 views

What are some different career choices for a future in mathematics or science?

I am really good at math and it is one of my favorite subjects in school, as well as science. The only one I can think of is an actuary, and that type of job seems like it would get boring after doing the same thing for years. #Math #Mathematics #Actuary

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Carmen May 27, 2018 634 views

If I wanted to be a doctor that helps other people with Celiac disease, what type of doctor would I want to become?

Would an Allergist or Immunologist be helping anyone with autoimmune diseases? #Celiac #Coeliac #Doctor #Allergist #Immunologist