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Elizabeth R. May 21, 2016 452 views

Do all colleges require someone to be fluent in two foreign languages to receive a PhD in English?

I plan on getting a PhD in English in the future, and some colleges require a students to be fluent in multiple languages. I want to know if that's true for all colleges, and about how many classes one needs to take to be considered fluent. #english...


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Christi W. Feb 26, 2018 247 views

How do I begin my personal statements?

I am currently applying for medical school in May. I have to write a personal statement about my research experiences. What is the best way to start this? And how personal do you have to be? What are MD/PhD programs looking for in a personal statement about their research? #medicine #md-phd...


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Dimetrius P. Jul 11, 2018 316 views

Should I go straight through to my PhD?

Should I get my masters and work while getting my PhD, or should I go straight through and get my PhD, interning along the way? Which way gets me more experience, and which would insure that I will have a job? #social-work #phd #internship #masters #phd...


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Emily C. May 02 126 views

Tenure Track Requirements in US History Departments?

I'm interested in getting my graduate degrees from universities in the UK, but would ultimately like to return to the U.S. and teach in American Universities. Can I be hired as a tenure track professor if my PhD is not from the U.S. or does that automatically disqualify me from that track? Are...

#tenuretrack #graduate-school #history