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Augusta I. Apr 26, 2016 2130 views

How did you move on after failing your first college course?

As the semester is ending. I will have officially failed my first college course related to my major. It seems like the end of the world to me but that's because I overreact most of the time. Failing has slowed my motivation to continue with college. I just want to know how anyone who has been...

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Alexandra F. Jul 29, 2018 871 views

How is it being a female in a male-dominated career?

I am majoring in Computer Science and it is clear to me that there is a huge gender-gap. I am a bit worried about being over-looked because I will be a female in a male-dominated career. Any tips on how to stand-out and how to not let the gender-gap affect you? Thank you so much for your...

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Abigayle J. Aug 18, 2018 329 views

What are the requirements to become a software development manager?

I'm a sixth grader, fresh in middle school at Belfry Middle, I presently participate at an all girls S.T.E.M camp for Verizon Innovative Learning. I'm looking to have my future planned out . I have plans for my majors and what college I want to go to but i'm not sure what degrees i'll need....

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