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daniel fitzgerald

Technical Pre-Sales
Management Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
London, England, United Kingdom
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Alpha May 09, 2019 1353 views

how do I get recognized as a photographer

I have a camera and take tons of photos but want to get recognized by someone so I can get hired #photography

asiel’s Avatar
asiel May 09, 2019 509 views

What related fields do you think i should consider looking into?

Whats the trade your working on or interested in?

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Jan 17, 2019 880 views

where do computer science majors work right out of college?

#computer-science #college-major

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isaac May 07, 2019 524 views

what will i have to go for my trade


Eldon’s Avatar
Eldon Mar 09, 2019 762 views

What career paths are there in the tech industry?

The tech industry is ever going day by day. What are the different possible career paths one can follow? #tech