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Christopher Mondoux

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Liliana May 02, 2019 481 views

What can I expect for a secuirty officer?

#police #law-enforcement

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Quasin Apr 10, 2019 2364 views

How often do you travel for work?

#travelingchef #career #travel

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Tori Apr 16, 2019 833 views

How far can we get into a career without college?

#college #college-selection #career-choice #college-advice

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Joshua May 15, 2019 477 views

When going to an Interview in the automotive career what are some key things to know or have with me to insure to get the job/position


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Jen May 14, 2019 953 views

How do I choose a major?

I’m the type of person who is interested in everything. Some days I feel artsy and want to major in something related to theater or movies while other days I feel uncreative and want to major in physics. How do I decide? #college-major #major #college #undecided