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Ankit Gupta

Software Engineer
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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Kaila May 24, 2018 1833 views

How can a young college student make connections?

#college-student #student #students #student-development #student-development #students #college-student

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Michelle Apr 13, 2016 834 views

What Type of engineering is the best to create and improve technology?

I am interested on inventing my own technology. I am a fan of technology. #engineer #k-12-technology

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan Sep 06, 2019 677 views

What personal attributes are essential for success?

#aircontrol, #airtraffic, #computer-software, #pilot

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Ivis Sep 11, 2019 496 views

what is the best what is the best way to grow within the company and with in your self?

Npower student. #business

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Joshua Sep 11, 2019 522 views

What professional books would you recommended to someone who is new at what you do?

Npower student looking to advance my career in information technology. #technology #career

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Axel Mar 28, 2019 1848 views

What kind of jobs are in high demand?

I want to do something that will allow me to earn a six figure income.
Ideally something involving business and technology
I love working with others
#business #career #engineering #technology