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Answer to: How could a minor in accounting help me in my private practice?

well, i'm not a psychiatrist but i think this would be an excellent thing to have. in my doctoral program, most of the people were going to end up in private practice and asked for at least a seminar on how to set up a business. even if you hire someone to run the business for you (which you...

Answer to: Would psychology and business be a good combination?

i think that's an excellent combination. i didn't do it but i know in my doctoral program, a lot of people were asking for some classes in how to start a private practice and information on the business side of things. i myself work for the government so that hasn't been a real need for me but...

Answer to: What is the best part of being a psychologist?

I don't work in private practice. My career path has taken me into the world of corrections. when i went to college, i went as an english major (didn't do too well in high school, at least academically). when they said "psychology" as a major, i just knew that was what i wanted to do. i ended...

Answer to: Psychology Career Path

i work in corrections, providing mental health services for incarcerated individuals. i first worked w/ adults (in both the state and federal departments) and now i work with juveniles. so that's an interesting area of psychology to go...

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