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Dennis Nolan

Pricing/Contract Manager
Harrisburg, PA
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Over 30 years of professional experience and a unique combination of consultative sales, technical and executive leadership positions. Responsible for profit and loss, driving and achieving annual revenue goals, cost controls, inventory control management, and day to day operational aspects of various line of businesses.

Have experience across the whole product life cycle, including marketing, product management, engineering, operations and sales in a technical environment. Maturity as a leader and motivator, who shares vision, inspires and rallies employees in tough, competitive markets.

Highly articulate, perceptive, highly analytical and results oriented. Unafraid, direct, yet diplomatic confronting issues head-on, holding others accountable and rewarding outstanding efforts of team members at all levels.
High ethical standards demonstrated personally and shared/expected as the tone for the entire organization.

Dennis’ Career Stories

How did you pick your career? Did you know all along?

The foundation of my career started in 1981 when I joined the United States Marine Corps. I was in communications, and back then our communications systems where basic compared to what they are today. Though basic, it was the blocking blocks of my career. For some reason. even in High School, I thought I would be happy with some type of communications career. Communications is a broad field, but after the military, I started to work in Telecommunications and System Integration business, and continued to grow as technology changed. The key was the structure of the military that gave me the work ethic to continue to learn, ask , and gain proficiency in telecommunications, engineering, and leadership.