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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Within 40 mile radius
Brandie’s Avatar
Brandie 23 hours ago 165 views

What is one piece of advise for me as a Psychology major that will help me succeed in my degree?

I am a first generation student and even though I've been to my advising appointment and know my requirements, I want additional advice from other Psychology majors.

Yansiel’s Avatar
Yansiel Apr 26 547 views

How do other people get so good at photography?

How do other people get so good at photography? I want to learn how take beautiful photos and I want to be a photographer but I have no idea where to start and how I can improve

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn Apr 07 443 views

How do you know what could be your dream job

I have a lot of different hobbies but how do I know which one could be for me in the future? And how do I know if I need to change career paths.

Edith’s Avatar
Edith Apr 02 1056 views

How do I know what to do to get a job?

I'm 15 years old in high school and I've been looking for a job since my sophomore year, so I'm trying to get a job for my senior year. I found options and started taking action for them (i.e. finding employers with available jobs and emailing them), but I don't really feel prepared enough for...

Jaelin’s Avatar
Jaelin Mar 31 331 views

What makes choosing a career so important?

im a 10th grader

Keely’s Avatar
Keely Mar 20 488 views

What are good colleges in Pennsylvania for pursuing a genetic counseling career? Are online college courses possibly a better, more affordable, option?

I'm an 11th grade high school student just curious on how to wisely start my career path, with the thought of affordability, and later debt in mind. Traveling too far for college seems like a hassle as well. Possibly, I could find some good advice on this?

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Mar 08 946 views

What all do athletic trainers do?

Im curious what all there is to athletic training. It is my dream career and I am currently looking deeper into it as I am a sophomore in high school (with possible early graduation by a year) and hoping to learn some more about this career. How are you treated as an athletic trainer? What do...

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Mar 07 1192 views

What advice do you have for people in high school who want to be athletic trainers?

What is your biggest advice for those who want to be athletic trainers but are still in high school? Advice on majors? Colleges? Job-Shadowing? Anything else? Any help or answers are much appreciated!

Alessandra’s Avatar
Alessandra Mar 07 664 views

How do I reach out to job shadow athletic training for baseball?

What do I do to find someone to job shadow in athletic training, but I'm still in high school? (Particularly baseball if possible at all)

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Feb 19 557 views

Master's or PhD for Marine Biologist?

Hi! I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's in Biology. I am also conducting water conservation undergrad research and conducting my own research projects is something I really enjoy. Ultimately, I want my graduate degree in Marine Biology and to conduct hands on research on coral reefs. I...

Benjamin’s Avatar
Benjamin Feb 08 524 views

what the best things and skills i have to do if i want to be good in math?

what the best things and skills i have to do if i want to be good in math?

Daynah’s Avatar
Daynah Dec 27, 2023 513 views

how can I be very productive in college to be a kindergarten teacher?

Basically what are some struggles that i should be aware of in college and getting into the career

Marianela’s Avatar
Marianela Dec 22, 2023 911 views

What class am I supposed to take in high school for criminal justice?

Want to be a criminal justice lawyer cause lmao money and sounds fun and good at it

Moses’s Avatar
Moses Dec 10, 2023 459 views

How can I get into/prepare for a career in cybersecurity as a 10th grader?

Should I look into internships, jobs, classes, certificates? Is there any recommended ways of learning cybersecurity online? What are cybersecurity companies (or anyone hiring for cybersecurity) looking for in applicants?

Casandra’s Avatar
Casandra Nov 26, 2023 478 views

What is the hardest part about working. Though I’m only in middle school I would like to know in case I start working . Or following some sort of career.?

I just basically want to know because I have never been to work so I don’t know what the hardest part is.

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