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Juno Elsa O. May 20 187 views

Do I need prior work and volunteer experience to get an internship?

Hi there! I’m currently an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology and hope to find an internship sometime during the next school year. However, I haven’t had any work or volunteer experience before and am looking for some opportunities to help my chances with internships and jobs in the...

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mya T. May 20 201 views
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Ashley T. May 26 312 views

Is it worth it to minor in something you find interest in?

I am doing a Math-Computer Science degree at UCSD. I know most of my courses will consist of difficult math and CS courses but I find engineering very interesting as well. I wanted to minor in engineering for my own personal interest so I could learn more about it. And if I really enjoy it,...

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Marie H. May 29 229 views

Could I make my passion my career?

Ok so I am currently 16 and I have always loved music and had a secret dream become a singer but only to preform, not to become famous or anything. Anyways over the years my thoughts about music have been taken over by school but when I was 14 I discovered Broadway, and my passion is stronger...

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Jennifer P. May 30 104 views

1) If you do something you love for a living, like writing or playing you r instrument, do you ever get sick of what you love? Does it become a chore rather than a hobby? 2) As an English teacher, what are some hardships you had to face in your career?

I am a future English teacher for secondary education! I have a unique case, I am also majoring in Music at the same. I am an avid piano player and an English book nerd....


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Ishmeal D. Jun 02 106 views

How can I be a musician?

I also love music and sometimes i just wished that i'd put all my real life experiences into a song which the world can listen to and i believe that many people can relate and be courageous.I love #photography and...