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Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

Within 40 mile radius
Mhiz Benny’s Avatar
Mhiz Benny Apr 25 449 views

I would love to explore writing on my own digitally but am feeling the need to go to college and get a degree,would that make a difference?


Njoku’s Avatar
Njoku Apr 12 242 views

How can I unlock my inner potential ?

I'ma good listener, I care so much and always give advice on how to handle emotional, relationship problems

Mhiz Benny’s Avatar
Mhiz Benny Mar 23 679 views

I love writing and I really want to explore writing,how do I start ?

I love writing and I really want to explore writing,how do I start ?

David’s Avatar
David May 08, 2022 512 views

Hello, I'm Dave, I'm looking for ways to get advice from Professionals here, especially in the medical field. I anticipate for an honest reply

Hello, I'm Dave, a Grade 10 student currently in Nigeria. I love subjects such as Biology and Computer. My dream of being a doctor is what I want to achieve

Okwuchi’s Avatar
Okwuchi Feb 27, 2022 403 views

Can I get funding for my graduate program in Canada?

I am a 38yrs old lady from Nigeria. Having graduated over the years with work experiences and still working. But at this point I need a career advancement abroad to boast my chances in this competitive times #college

Temi’s Avatar
Temi Sep 18, 2021 574 views

What's my best PRE-MED degree choice? I want to read MEDICINE but I am interested in ROBOTICS

I love mechanics, crazy about computing but can not imagine a life and career outside medicine. Currently doing my A-Levels in physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Applying to schools in US and Canada. #medical #technology

Sharon’s Avatar
Sharon Sep 06, 2020 656 views

How do you find your niche in writing

I am currently working on improving my writing skills, but having a challenge defining my niche, would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how.

#Writers #Authors #Career

Shuaibu’s Avatar
Shuaibu Jun 15, 2020 986 views

if im studying medicine and im not very good at biology what should\can i do

#medicine #biology #doctor #doctor

ifeanyi’s Avatar
ifeanyi Sep 28, 2018 522 views

whats the best way to learn advanced java,because its getting kinda difficult right now>

i really need someone to guide me on the advanced part of java...

Justice ’s Avatar
Justice Nov 04, 2016 876 views

I already have a first degree in economics but I'm considering a career in software engineering but I don't how to start. What should I do?

I want to acquire skills in programming and software development but I don't know how to begin. #computer-software

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