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Kelly Kidwell, PE

Fire Protection Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Vienna, Virginia
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Anne’s Avatar
Anne Oct 23, 2016 920 views

Would you recommend UMD or UND for a major in engineering?

I really want to go to college for some type of engineering but I am unsure as to which of these two colleges would be most beneficial for me. #college #engineering #college-major

Shaye’s Avatar
Shaye Oct 21, 2016 985 views

What are some challenges that women in the field of engineering may have to overcome?

As a female entering college to study engineering next year, I am curious what kind of obstacles or challenges I will be facing in my college years and career since engineering is considered a predominantly male profession. #engineering

Sydnee’s Avatar
Sydnee May 19, 2016 1530 views

Engineering vs. Engineering Technology

What's the difference between these two majors from the stance of someone who has experienced practice in one or both? #engineering #technology #graduate #undergraduate

rafael’s Avatar
rafael May 26, 2016 1055 views

what does someone need to become a engineer?

I'm asking to find out how to become a engineer because I want to become one in the future #engineer #technology

Alexandria’s Avatar
Alexandria Apr 07, 2016 4587 views

What kind of people do mechanical engineers work with?

I want to be a mechanical engineer because i like working with my hands. #engineering #work #mechanical #people

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2016 1978 views

How do you set up short-term goals?

I am unsure how to set up a desire to accomplish simple planning. #engineering #aviation #japan #athletic-training #computer-games #university-teaching #motivational-speaking #undecided