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Mariah M. Jul 29, 2020 145 views
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tamiya H. Jul 29, 2020 159 views

Is there any degrees you can have to be able to do two careers. So you won’t have to do double collage?

Hi My name is tamiya H, a Junior at Booker T Washington. Who’s looking for help to have a Great future. #july #knowledge #college...


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Linh Thuy M. Jul 29, 2020 228 views

How to obtain better skills for real jobs?

Most recruiters feel that fresh graduates lack necessary skills for the job. So what is your opinion about this? #entry-level #business #job #job-opportunities...


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Blessing A. Jul 29, 2020 90 views

How feasible is a Master's program in an area I am only vaguely familiar with from my undergrad?

I am a university student entering my final year and am looking for possible Master's programs to apply for. I am open to new areas of study but am not sure if it would be a good decision to go for an area I am not fully familiar with #july20...