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Ashley Green

Network Planning Engineer
Atlanta, Georgia
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Cole Pugh Oct 27, 2020 365 views

How did you study and go through college?

I'm just trying to pick up more study tips and a way to help me remember the things I will learn and use. #therapist #psychology #college-bound

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Amanda Jan 17, 2018 517 views

First-generation scholarships?

I’m a first generation college student seeking scholarships. It seems there’s been a decline in scholarships awarded for that purpose and was wondering if anybody knows a really good website for them. Thanks! #first-generation-college-students #first-generation-college-students- #college...

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Connor Aug 28, 2020 1113 views

What are some classes to take for becoming a software engineer?

I've taken all the classes my highschool offers for software engineering and want to know what other classes I can take in college to become a software engineer.