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Keith’s Avatar
Keith Aug 03, 2015 3988 views

What careers could could I branch off into if I plan to major in psychology?

I'm asking because I plan on studying psychology and I don't really know what there is in the field besides becoming a therapist and counselor. There's got to be many more careers to branch off into if I study psychology. #psychology #therapy #counseling #mental-health

Deviana’s Avatar
Deviana Mar 17, 2015 1212 views

How impactful can a family therapist be to a family? How difficult is it trying to fulfill the needs of all family members?

Hello, I am a high school senior, I'm partially interested in being a family therapist as it interest me, and I was just wondering more of the personal aspects of the career. #doctor #physical-therapist #therapy #therapists #therapist #marriage-therapist #patients

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Mar 17, 2015 1540 views

After you graduate from college with a major in psychology, what are some some steps that you can take in order to get a job as a mental health/ substance abuse social worker?

Hi I am Grace, I am currently a sophomore in high school but I am very interested in this field of study. I just wanted to know some steps that it takes to actually become a social worker because a lot of people go to college to major in psychology but never put it to use. So it is a waste of...

KimberleyR_af13’s Avatar
KimberleyR_af13 Mar 31, 2013 16107 views

What does a typical day of a Therapist consist of?

Hi, I am a senior in high school and I was wondering, what is a typical day for a therapist? #therapy #athletic