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Jeremy Ren

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Alexandria Aug 20, 2021 484 views

What technological tools are important in maintenance?

#technology #tools

EVIDENCE Aug 23, 2021 490 views



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Taryn Mar 04, 2021 562 views

Why do you need a Master's degree to be a Librarian?

In my research, I saw you need to have a Master’s degree to a Librarian but I don’t know. I also read you don't need one to be a School librarian yet to have at least the requirement of state teaching and it makes me very confused.

#librarian #research

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Sebastian Mar 05, 2021 1140 views

What major should I consider when trying to become an electronics engineer. What are commonly held degrees of electronic engineers.

I'm a junior starting to look at colleges and the major I want to take up in college #choosing-a-major #electronic-engineering #electronics #engineering

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Deavion Feb 22, 2021 438 views

What are some things that I have to accomplish to get my dream career?

Im a person who is ambitious, hard working, and a individual who make sure I accomplish every goal that is in front of me #career

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Maria Inês Feb 22, 2021 511 views

What is the best career?

I love maths and biology and i always wanted to be a doctor but i dont have a lot of maths in there. I, also, want to work on labs and be investigator. #working #career