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Ted Nichols

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Bria Sep 22, 2016 1278 views

What are the best ways to maintain a work and school balance?

I think many people struggle with this and any type of advice towards this question is valuable. #business #leadership #organization

David’s Avatar
David Sep 08, 2016 1221 views

Army guy looking for educational help, career wise.

Hey guys, I've lurked on this site for all of 3 hours before realizing actual professionals respond on here, which is what I'm looking for. Anyways, I'm David. I've been in the Army since I was 17(got parents consent/signature). I'm 21 now and currently serving in the National Guard. I have...

Remy’s Avatar
Remy May 10, 2016 1006 views

What kind of technologies should I learn if I want to be in the army?

Carlos G - 5th Grader - Boys & Girls Club of Austin Area #military #us-army-military

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie May 05, 2016 1110 views

How difficult is it to get in military or veteran psychology and what steps do I need to take?

I currently have 8 friends in the military, ranging from the army, marines, and navy. They say sometimes it can get pretty tough and I try to help them by staying positive. Most of them are only doing one term and I want to try to relate to them when they get back into civilian life. I have...

mario’s Avatar
mario May 04, 2016 2512 views

What are the requirements to get into West Point?

I was wondering if you actually have to join the military to attend or if you can go, get the experience, and get out #military #flying