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Joy Kim

Graphic Designer / Illustrator
Chicago, Illinois
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Tanu Jun 24, 2016 1454 views

I want to pursue a career in painting., what is the average pay if i work in any Firm.

Am an aspiring painter and want to get into it professionally. #marketing #advertising #drawing #painting #web-marketing #drawing-and-painting #firmware

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Maria May 07, 2016 1188 views

How can I express myself in a career that's hard to find work in?

I wanted to do something in medicine, but when I realized that the bachelor degree I got didn't matter too much I looked for careers that I could get a job with and not be opposed to doing for a while. I decided to do Accounting or Finance with a Business minor since it isn't a difficult career...

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Millie Feb 12, 2014 1755 views

How do I get started in design?

Design is a career field I may want to try out. I'm still in 8th grade, so I can't get a part time job yet. How can I get started in design, on my weekends? I like to read design blogs, and I capture things I like on Pinterest. Are there any really good starter books I can read or sites I can...