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Emma Feb 02, 2017 1128 views

What major looks the best when applying to law school?

I am currently in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I want to apply to law school after I graduate, but I'm wondering what major is the most attractive to law school admissions? #law #college-admissions #law-school

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Sep 01, 2021 519 views

What are 3 important things that I should know about this kind of career

Hello, i'm planning on going into the culinary arts with my local job corps. My main question is what are 3 important things that I should know about this kind of career?

#chef #cooking #culinary-arts

Chole’s Avatar
Chole Sep 28, 2021 452 views

Are there certain promotions needed for you to get to the position of a lawyer?

#lawyer #law #job #career

Kalen’s Avatar
Kalen Sep 29, 2021 493 views

I am a high school student Looking for a career in Computer science/ computer programing is there any advice some one could give me into how to start my career or places i could possibly intern at?

#computer #highschool # #computer-science #technology #computer-programming #Blackteen

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Sep 29, 2021 502 views

How can computer science be useful in jobs that aren't necessarily centered/structured around technology and computers?

#computer-science #technology