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Gary Jan 28, 2022 549 views

What are some pros and cons working as a computer scientist?

I am in high school, and I like computer science. #computer-science

Ching’s Avatar
Ching Jan 28, 2022 467 views

Will salaries in the computer science industry increase or decrease in the future?

Since computers are so common nowadays, will computer jobs receive less pay because of more workers or more pay because the industry is still growing or has the computer science industry already plateaued? #computer-science

Colin’s Avatar
Colin Jan 28, 2022 384 views

How will I be able to achieve the skills I need for computer science?

Do I need to learn outside of class or is class lectures sufficient enough? #computer-science #computer #computer-programming

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Dec 18, 2021 829 views

As a high school student, what should I do to get an internship relating to computer science?

I've looked around the internet a bit but still have some questions, it seems like it is hard but somewhat feasible for a high schooler to land an internship. I would say I know python well and in school I am taking AP computer science where I am learning java. But my questions are what should...

Robert’s Avatar
Robert Jan 19, 2022 438 views

What softwares and tools should I be familiar with for Computer Networking?

I am wanting to be a Computer Networking Architect, but am unsure of what softwares and tools I should be familiar with. #computer-software #technology

Kendra’s Avatar
Kendra Jan 03, 2022 649 views

If I don't go to college what successful job could I get?

#college #future