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Jason Stone

Systems/Electrical Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Greensboro, North Carolina
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Lethukuthula’s Avatar
Lethukuthula Jun 05, 2023 538 views

How to improve chances of getting a job after graduation?

I'm a final year student in Bsc Eng Mechanical engineering student at university of kwazulu natal.

Esteban’s Avatar
Esteban May 17, 2023 313 views

Did u have trouble getting into automotive engineering?

My career is an automotive engineer and this is for a assignment. It would be great if you would answer thanks.

Duncan’s Avatar
Duncan Nov 10, 2022 733 views

What things can I do to go further in a mechanical engineering career?

I'm really looking into what more I can do to learn and go more in depth of mechanical engineering because I don't have much of an idea of what to do.

Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Mar 02, 2022 580 views

What all does a mechanical engineer do?

#engineering #mechanical-engineering

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Oct 08, 2019 612 views

What does a typical day look like in this field?

I am currently in Long Beach Job Corp, and will be studying automotive. I have a few weeks to see if I am still interested in this field, and if not, I can switch to a different field. I just want to know what a typical day looks like.
#automotive #engineering #career

Liana’s Avatar
Liana Sep 05, 2016 860 views

Why is college treated like a commodity and not a privilege?

Many Americans view the concept of college differently. I think education is a right, but college is a privilege and it shouldn't be that way. #college #higher-education