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Megann May 10, 2016 1309 views

How do I make sure to put my degree to use one I graduate college?

I will be attending Fresno State in the fall, but have been taking community college classes during my senior year in high school. I plan on getting my Bachelor's degree in Busniess Administration: Human Resource Management. However, many of the people I have told my degree to have told me of...

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany May 16, 2016 1027 views

How Do You Know Your Perfect Career Choice

Throughout life, people have asked me what I've wanted a career in, what school I'm going to, why I'm making these choices. The truth is, I don't know. I've heard of people who pull off the perfect career the first time, but how is it that they do it? I'm very overwhelmed with so many choices...

Eileen’s Avatar
Eileen May 17, 2016 1326 views

Why do you love your career?

What motivates you to work in your career field, and how did you come to love it? #career #career-choice #job #career-path #career-paths

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Minh May 18, 2016 1425 views

Is it possible for students adapt to new career paths that are unrelated to their major? And if so, what steps should they take?

A lot of times, people end up having a new passion that is unrelated to their degree. I have seen many professionals gain high profile jobs even though they had a degree that was unrelated to their career. I was curious to see how a student could gain experience in a different field and dive...