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Georgy’s Avatar
Georgy May 27, 2023 613 views

How do I pick a college?

How do I choose a college? There are many to choose from, and all say they are the best. Plus, I have to worry about tuition.

Claire’s Avatar
Claire May 28, 2023 631 views

Why do I have to pick a career field so early in life?

We have to pick what field we want to go into in high school, and I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life!

Dawit’s Avatar
Dawit Feb 15, 2023 487 views

What extracurriculars should I participate in to make myself a better applicant as a junior in highschool?

Right now I am a junior in High School and my extracurriculars aren't the best but I want to go to a good college I think it would help if I strengthened my extracurriculars so I was wondering what extracurriculars I should try.

Ashton’s Avatar
Ashton Feb 15, 2023 1008 views

What are some tips you could give to a junior for how to spend their summer before senior year of highschool?

I get pretty lazy and unproductive during the summer so I was curious if anyone had any advice to keep my productive during the summer.