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I want to learn about the interview process and questions for tech jobs since that's the field I want to get into.



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Ashton Feb 15, 2023 904 views

What are some tips you could give to a junior for how to spend their summer before senior year of highschool?

I get pretty lazy and unproductive during the summer so I was curious if anyone had any advice to keep my productive during the summer.

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Ashton Feb 15, 2023 330 views

What are some good extracurricular activities I could do as a junior in high school?

In my past years of high school I haven't really done anything other than academics and I want to get involved to help me get accepted into better colleges. I already volunteer, attend school clubs, go to mentorship and college prep programs, and plan to do track in my senior year. What else...

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Ashton Nov 01, 2022 730 views

Difference between computer science and engineering?

What's the difference between computer engineering and computer science?
What jobs does each major compete for?

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Ashton Sep 28, 2022 382 views

How can I be more successful in the computer science field as a high schooler?

What can I do during highschool to help me be more successful in the field of computer science?