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Product Development Manager
Management Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Sugar Land, Texas
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Scott Jan 19, 2023 7445 views

How do you talk to your boss about leveling up in your career?

I have been working for the same large company (but on a small team) for 10 years at the same role. I want to grow in my career, take on new responsibilities and move into a managerial role. I think there's a good opportunity to move within my own company and think it's probably important to...

Ava’s Avatar
Ava Dec 30, 2022 445 views

I’m struggling to get the right answer

I understand that in able to become homicide detective you must become an police officer and then work there for years to get promoted but in some agencies they don’t require it ?? What if you start working as cyber detective and gaining experience, passing the fitness test etc required can...

Sami’s Avatar
Sami Nov 28, 2022 566 views

How can I get a job in Data Science?

How can I get a job in Data Science as I am new to this field and have no prior experience? What are the steps I can take in order to get an internship or entry-level job?

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Dec 04, 2022 1001 views

Which business or side gig should I pursue?

I have 13 years of experience in the education field. I took a course in professional coaching. I have conflict resolution and paralegal skills training. I taught finance to students. I enjoy learning foreign languages and I have experience teaching ESL students. I hate writing but I love...