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Stephanie Santos

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Los Angeles, California
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na'kiyah’s Avatar
na'kiyah Apr 14, 2023 269 views

As an interior designer, how do you work with mirrors?

Do they cause conflict?

Noraa’s Avatar
Noraa Apr 15, 2023 278 views

how’d you figure out what you wanted to do?

did you have any extra support

Israel’s Avatar
Israel Apr 17, 2023 449 views

What are some questions you ask yourself before you buy something??

I am struggling with buying things that are not beneficial to me and end up buying items I don't use at all. I need to ask myself if I really need these items but I don't know where to start.

na'kiyah’s Avatar
na'kiyah Apr 14, 2023 214 views

Does patterns annoy you?

Do certain patterns give you a headache ?

na'kiyah’s Avatar
na'kiyah Apr 14, 2023 315 views

What colors make you feel better ?

Light, dark, neutral ?