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High Point, North Carolina
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I want to be a Clinical Psychologist and show people how important mental health is.


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Ryleigh Nov 15, 2023 267 views

What should I work towards getting an Associates in if I am interested in becoming a clinical psychologist?

I am currently a Sophomore in high school and I am applying to do Dual-Enrollment online during my Junior and Senior year with a community college called Forsyth Tech. In order to apply I have to choose a pathway with certain classes and that is where I'm struggling. I'm given the choice...

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Ryleigh Jun 06, 2023 2578 views

What careers are associated with psychology?

I'm a freshman, going to be a sophomore in highschool. I took psychology this year and I was really interested in it and made an A. I signed up to take Psychology AP next year and I'm pretty confident that I'll do well in it. I've been considering what I should major in college and at the...