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Joe’s Avatar
Joe Jun 27, 2023 463 views

How do I decide between a consulting offer and a wealth/asset management offer. ?

I have competing offers from top tier consulting and wealth management firms and am having trouble deciding between the two if professionals in those fields could speak on their experiences.

Linnea’s Avatar
Linnea Jun 29, 2023 429 views

How do I find more hobbies to expand my scholarship applicability?

I'm only in 9th grade, so I know I have time, but I'm starting to think about college scholarships. I'm on a swim team but I'm not particularly fast compared to kids my age and even younger. I'm a straight A student but I know scholarships will require a little more than just academic success....

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Jun 28, 2023 273 views

How to know what career path to take?

I'm currently studying business and not sure how to decide what to concentrate in.