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Williamstown, Massachusetts
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Linnea Jun 29, 2023 478 views

How do I find more hobbies to expand my scholarship applicability?

I'm only in 9th grade, so I know I have time, but I'm starting to think about college scholarships. I'm on a swim team but I'm not particularly fast compared to kids my age and even younger. I'm a straight A student but I know scholarships will require a little more than just academic success....

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Linnea Jun 29, 2023 313 views

How can I find challenging academic classes outside of school?

I'm only just going into HS and really want to start taking AP classes in a year or two, but my school only offers a few starting in 11th grade, and there are no honors classes. This last year wasn't very challenging for me and I'm anxious to really push myself. I'm really interested in math,...

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Linnea Jun 29, 2023 843 views

Could a bubbly person thrive in financial/business planning and guidance?

I'm interested in math and helping people, so financial or business planning/guidance seems pretty cool, but I'm nervous about getting bored at work. I'm a bubbly people-person and love problem-solving. However, the idea of going into a career with so much paperwork and office work seems awful,...